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Conquering Cataracts

By the age of 70, over half of all Americans will develop cataracts. In fact, the older you are, the more likely it is that you will not escape cataracts. There are effective treatments for cataracts, including surgery. Not only can this type of surgery remove cloudy lenses, it can also improve vision for those who are near- or far-sighted.  

A surprising benefit of cataract surgery is a lessened risk of breaking a hip in a fall. A study of Medicare patients showed that patients who had cataract surgery had a significant reduction in the number of hip fractures, with a 16 percent decrease in this type of injury. Vision loss is a major factor in seniors’ risk of falling, and a reduction in visual sharpness and depth perception can lead to a loss of balance, stability, and mobility.  
Many people believe that they are “too old” to receive cataract surgery. But researchers have found that you can never be too told. In fact, they found the greatest benefit in terms of reduced hip injury was in patients over 80 years of age.  
Cataract correction is more than just improving vision. It should be considered part of a comprehensive approach to better health and overall well-being.

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