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Learn Something New: Become Sewing Savvy

Sewing savvy is designed to introduce you to all the features of your sewing machine.  You’ll learn proper care and how to:  select the best stitch for what you are sewing; hem by machine; make adjustments to your improve stitches; selecting the right thread for your project; select the right needle for your project; use various sewing attachments and feet to make sewing fun and easy. 

Bring your sewing machine, foot pedal, and book if you have it, thread, bobbin and other attachments, scissors and be prepared to be amazed at what you can make your machine do for you.

Although we provide the utmost luxury at College Park Towers I in Orlando, Florida, we realize that you need to get out and socialize with those in your surrounding community. This event gives you the chance to do just that! Don’t hesitate to attend today!

Event Date/Time:
Tuesday, March 22, 2016 – 5:30 PM

Event Venue Location:
UF/IFAS Extension Services
1921 Kissimmee Valley Lane
Kissimmee, Florida 34744

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