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Properly Prepare for Your Guests This Holiday Seasons

If you have guests coming to stay with you this holiday season, you’ll want them to feel right at home. Take a few moments to look around your home as you prepare for company.

If you will be offering your guests a spare room, make sure that there are some extra pillows and blankets available. Clear knick-knacks off of end tables and dresser tops, and make sure there is ample lighting in the room. Provide a place for a coat, umbrella, purse, and keys, like a small table or sturdy chair. Your guests will need some drawer space and some empty hangers in the closet. Place a small empty basket in the bathroom to allow your guests to leave some of their personal items there. 

Consider leaving your guests other practical items as well. Fill a small box or basket with a pad of paper, a pen, scissors, tape, and stamps. Place a box of tissues by the bed. If possible, leave an ironing board and iron in the closet. Adding an alarm clock and a phone, if possible, are conveniences that your guests will appreciate. Pamper them with some bottled water, fresh fruit, and candies, along with some magazines or a newspaper.

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